Circuits and FBX

So at the end of the summer last year I took part in a “bootcamp” run by fitness freaks working for Petrofac. Dave O’Sullivan’s Challenge Shetland. It was a fantastic experience. Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening for 1 hour we would do constant and intense circuit workouts. It was tough the entire way through and just when you thought you were getting the hang of it then the trainers would up the ante. We paid £1 a class each and all proceeds went to charity. We were also expected to follow a diet – basically no junk food or alcohol except from 6pm – 12am on a Saturday evening. If you were caught cheating then you would have to do 10 burpees in front of the whole class while it was filmed and then later, uploaded to facebook. You also had to pay a fee (this also went to charity.
During the 12 week stint, I lost about 1.5 stone and was feeling great! I was continuing to do well afterward until December. A big family upset and christmas junk food kicked in and 9  months later, I have put all the weight back on and some extra and have been quite down and little to no motivation.

SO! The leisure center has sent one of there finest to our local hall to do an hour class of circuits followed by half an hour of FBX (Fat Burn Xtreme) and considering it is within walking distance, I thought this was the perfect chance to get my ass kicked back into gear and find my motivation again.

I came out of the class with jelly legs and an inkling of my motivation resurfacing! Press ups, Push ups, skipping, planking, running, step ups, Burpees (which I despise!), squats, lunges and many more stations! I have signed up for the 5 week class. This is just 1.5 hours a week compared to my previous 3 hours a week but it perfect to get me started again and is definitely better than nothing!!

I bet I am pretty spaegied tomorrow!


Hello world!

So this is my first every blog! I have always wanted to do one of these but I doubt I will be any good at writing, or keeping up with it.

My passion is animals. My job involves working with animals and I have/have had a menagerie if pets from cats and dogs to ferrets and other small furries and a Royal Python named Pythagoras!

Purple is my favourite colour and I even have a purple laptop which I am currently using to write this blog!

Japan. I love Japan! I went once and stayed with a family in Iwate in 2008 for nearly 2 weeks and it was amazing! The people were extremely welcoming, the scenery was beautiful and the food was delicious! I will go into details of this trip in a future blog I think.

I was not sure how to do this but I think I will pick experiences in my life to write here to share with  people but to also have a hard copy for myself to reflect on! We will see how it goes!

As my first post I will keep this short and sweet (just like me!) So until next time!